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Mache ich es “siempre…”

1. Konservierung: Conservation—a kind of principle of heritage conservation

2. Restaurierung: Restoration—a kind of principle of heritage conservation

3. Instandhaltung, Instandsetzung: The word „Instand“ refers status quo in Latin, meaning of “situation at present”. “Haltung” means keeping the present and “Setzung” means to repair the damaged part. That is from the principle of conservation and restoration with two different application ways.

4. Ergänzungen: If an object lacks of some parts, the lacked part will be infilled with a new or similar one. It is necessary on the basis of historical, aesthetic, cultural and static reasons to apply the method.

5. Rekonstruktion, Wiederaufbau, Anastylosis: Re-construction: If a construction became a ruin, based on the historical, aesthetic, cultural and static reason, the construction can be reconstructed. Like the Frauenkirche in Dresden in 2005.

6. Translozierung: Moving the construction to the other place. This is very last decision, if the historical construction was moved, that means, that the vestige of history is destroyed. The historical construction becomes only a shell without historical meaning.

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